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Lecture about the technique of Miracle Lift   about the surgery which enable 7 out of 10 people to work on the next day
To make oval face without cutting bones   Japanese Cosmetic surgeons are positively participated for 6hour lectures.
    Serious time
Lecturing about how to treat the under eyes...   Japanese cosmetic surgeons are very interested about 100% non-surgical lifting technique
the most advantage of JJ Miracle lift which has strong fixation to avoid sagging skin...   Design is very important step for Miracle Lift. Dr.woo is show the example
    Fluent Japanese Interpreter
13Dr. Yusuru Yoshimura wants to visit Korea for the Live surgery lecture   Asking questions about JJ Miracle Lift...
Asking question if it is true JJ Miracle Lift is semi-permanent.   Asking question about high quality cosmetic threads
Asking about secret of the technique which gives recovery in a day.   Asking about the cost of the Miracle lift in Korea.
Saying giving thanks to Dr. woo for this Lecture.    
About Dr. Woo Jung Hos JJ Miracle Lecture in Tokyo
The AAF Anti-aging Cosmetic surgery conference was held on July 3 2008 in Japan. The speakers at the academy were professors of from Tokyo Medical College and Hong Kong Medical College. Especially Dr.Michael A. Pasquale from USA and Dr.Woo Jung Ho from South Korea was invited as a guest speaker.
Many Japanese doctor shared knoeledge and ideas about the anti-aging epecially. They showed a lot of interests about Dr. Woo Jung Hos lecture (JJ Miracle Lift) Japanese doctors and Medication companies requested to invite Dr. Woo Jung Ho on Sept 9 2008 to Tokyo to share the Koreas latest and advanced Cosmetic surgery technique Japanese health Newspaper JHM (Journal of health & Medicine)
Health Journal in Japan reported about Dr.Woo Jung Hos JJ Miracle Lift (Easy Lift)
This article compared with the previous technique such as APTOS Thread and announced. This article reported about the new cosmetic surgery technique as title of Be 10years younger in 30 minutes and also reported that the JJ Miracle lift is patented and presented many times at the conference throughout France, Russia, Rumania, Isreal etc. This JJ Miracle Lift is gathering enormous attention as a dramatic effects and semi-permanent technique. In addition they announced about the chance for the Japanese doctors to participate Dr. Woo Jung Hos lecture on the JSAS Cosmetic Surgery Conference on Sept 14 2008.
Siromoto Clinic
Dr. Huruya Teso
He started being a doctor as a surgeon and mainly he operated for lung cancer. But it impacted him that although the patients had operation, they couldnt extend their life.
He tormented by his doubt living as a surgeon and he switched to Cosmetic surgery field which does not related with living and dying. First when he became a Cosmetic surgeon, Mostly double eye surgery was operated. After that, laser depilation was a passing vogue. In my case I had a lot of experiences in cosmetic surgery from Ganaga clinic and gyolitz cosmetic clinic. Until now I came into much diverse Cosmetic surgery technique. Among them I preferred liposuction which shows the fast effect to the other cosmetic surgery technique.
Dr. Woo Jung Hos Miracle Lift is also shows the effect right after the surgery and it is certain. That is the reason why I prefer his technique.
1. Type A
"Main Purpose: Lifting saggy/droopy skin on the face
What is it ?
- Type A of J.J. Miracle Lift is effective for lifting / droopy skin of the face.
As you can see in comparisons with other facial lifting procedures. Type A of J.J. Miracle Lift is very effective, it lasts long time and is efficient for lifting with a long thread (about 40cm).
2. Type B
Main purpose : making an oval shape/small face
What is it?
- Type B of J.J. Miracle Lift is very effective for Asians who want to have an oval shape/ small face.
As a supplementary method, Botox can be used as well.
3. Type C
Main Purpose : Elavating skin tones
What is it?
- Type C of J.J. Miracle Lift is indeed the Miracle of cosmetic surgerys. Unlike Botox, Thermage Lift, or other kinds of procedures of dermatology. Type C of J.J. Miracle Lift can recover the tone and rejuvenate the skin. It is for peri-orbital wrinkles(crows feet), frontal wrinkle, and wrinkles around cheeks. There is no complications after the procedures and the effectiveness is semi-permanaent.
The fundamental principle is to spread nets under the skin, just like the steel frames of a building. And as time passed, the effectiveness of J.J. Miracle Lift remains, lifting saggy/droopy skin of face and the elasticity of skin kept semi-permanently. The inventor, Dr.Woo, had his J.J. Miracle Lift procedure on himself as well.
A special feather of Frame Lift
(1)100% non-incision lifting surgical operation.
(2)Conduct for 30 minutes by local anesthesia.
(3)Possible to undergo surgical operation after consultation. No need to visit again.
(4)Non-incision, so the procedure is reversible.
(5)Secure fixed thread which is different to former thread surgical operation (like a screw of a frame).
(6)half permanent effect by becoming a fiber.
(7)Continuously promotes the creation of collagen.
(8)Less swelling after undergo the surgical operation.
(8)7 out of 10 people are able to return to work the day after the operation.(fast recovering)
To get accomplished a frame lift surgical operation successfully?
1. A proper design for each patient needs to be accomplished.
2. Lifting, which is suit for each patient is much better than excessive lifting.
3. It will be a different design depending a patients age, job, environment.
4. If more then 10-14 threads are used then there may be same recognizable effects of the operation, however, it wont last long.
Preparation before a surgical operation.
1. Do not take aspirin like a medication for the circulation of the blood before surgery.
2. For conscious sedation, remain from eating 3hours before surgery.
3. There is nothing else to prepare.
The Merits of frame Lift
1. Operation takes only 30 minutes.
2. We do Local Anesthesia for the face, but not General Anesthesia, so it is possible to communicate with a doctor during the operation and may be change while looking in the mirror.
3. There is no incision and after the operation there is no suture, so there is no burden from operation.
4. After the operation there is little to no swelling making it hard for people to recognize and making it able to back to daily life
5. Operation never be incision and thread passes through the scalp, so it is possible to shampoo his/her hair.
6. No incision as thread passes through the scalp, so it is able to take shower.
7. The thread has been approved by KFDA. It never degenerates in the human body, so it is able to keep the face from drooping from age.
We are welcome your visiting for the training course of J.J. Miracle Lift.
We have a regular training course for foreign doctors who want to learn how to perform J.J. Miracle lift only in 10 hours.
J.J. Miracle Lift has been invented by dr. Woo Jung-ho in Korea.
J.J. Miracle Lift is wellknown as the most advanced technique of non-surgical facial lift so far. We will give you the best technique of thread lifting.
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