Our globally expanding JJ Miracle Cosmetic Surgery Network uses certified medical practices to create beautiful facial lines.
Greetings from the medical staff from the JJ Miracle Cosmetic Surgery Network!
There has been numerous cosmetic techniques for facial lifting, but each method has been known to have its advantages and disadvantages and the optimal treatment has remained elusive, until now. Now, clients who have been hesitant to undertake plastic surgery and undergo the non-incisive cosmetic lifting procedures, due to their adverse effects, have a new source of hope. Here at the JJ Miracle Cosmetic Surgery Network, we conduct a 100% non-incisive, lifting procedure that we are proud to claim as the upgraded methodology, which refines the best of pre-existing methods of facial lifting, using thread. Our method is a sophisticated cosmetic surgery that minimizes post-surgery swelling to such an extent that our client’s closest family members will not even be able to detect swelling on the day of the procedure.
Our lifting method guarantees results that are both dramatic and long-lasting. These effects are a result of the areas where the thread passes through becoming semi-permanently fibrotic. Dr. Jung-Ho Woo, director of the clinic, is credited with globally disseminating information on this upgraded form of cosmetic surgery, through news channels, including television and newspaper media, in Japan, the U.S., etc. Now, medical practitioners in advanced countries, such as Japan, Singapore, Europe, and the United States are registering in Korea’s Miracle Academy to receive training in our, “JJ Miracle (Easy) Lifting,” methods. We hope that our clients will benefit from the dramatic and miraculous art of our cosmetic procedures and techniques that proudly demonstrate Korea’s leadership in this field.
The medical staff of JJ Miracle Cosmetic Surgery Network will continue to devote our best efforts to treat each of our clients with exceptional care.
Dr. Woo Jung Ho
  -Originator of JJ Miracle Lift (patented)
-Introduced contour lifting for the first time in Korea
-Lecturing, "JJ Miracle Lift," in and outside of Korea
-Studied at O.R.U University in U.S.A
-Regular member and researcher of the Anti-Aging Academy in U.S.A
-Completed the Cosmetic Surgery Course by Dr. Sedev in Bulgaria and by Dr. Toledo in Portugal
-Regular member of Cosmetic Surgery in Republic if Korea
-Author of the book, "Getting Treated and Getting Younger"
-Televised on MBC News (Non-invasive procedures); Medical Health TV (Lecture on Anti-Aging); MBC TV, (Focus on the Topic); KBS TV (Morning of the World)
-Reprehensive of JJ Miracle Cosmetic Hospital Network in Apgujung
1. Lectured for Cosmetic Surgeons (Aug. 12, 2007)
2. Lectured for the Cosmetic Academy of Korea, China and Japan (Oct. 6~7, 2007)
3. Lectured for Emma Cosmetic Surgery Academy in Paris (Oct. 13~15, 2007)
4. Lectured for CAM Cosmetic Academy in Singapore (Nov. 10~11, 2007)
5. Lectured for the doctors from Singapore who visited Miracle Hospital (Jan. 18~19, 2009)
6. Lectured about JJ Lift for AMWC Cosmetic surgery Academy in Paris (Apr. 10, 2008)
7. Lectured about JJ lift for European Cosmetic surgery Academy in Rumania (June 6~8, 2008)
8. Lectured about JJ miracle Technique in Dong-Kyung,Japan (July.3.2008)
9. Lectured about JJ lift in cosmetic surgery academy in Georgia,USA(July.5.2008)
10. Lectured for IMCAS in Singapore (July 13~15.2008)
11. lectured the master course (JJ Lift) to the Cosmetic surgeons in Dong-kyung, Japan (Sept.7.2008)
12. Invited as a representative speaker from Korea for easy lift lecture at Tokyo cosmetic Academy in Japan.
13. Lectured the training course to the group of Cosmetic surgeons from Japan as a first Korean cosmetic surgeon in Korea.
14. Invited as a speaker of easy lift lecture at the conference of 5th Korea, Japan ans China international Cosmetic surgery (Nov.15~17.2008)
15. Televised on Fox TV about Dr.Woo Jung ho’s Frame Thread Lift
An article regarding Director Jung-Ho Woo's J.J. Miracle Lift (Easy Lift)
Procedure was printed in one of Japan's newspapers covering Health. The title of this news article compared our procedure to pre-existing facial lifting surgeries such as those using Aptos threads, and declared that our new method was characterized by its ability to create appearances that were 10 years younger within 30 minutes. The article also reports that the J.J. Miracle Lift is pending approval for a patent and that it has been presented at various cosmetic surgery conferences overseas, including those in France, Russia, Rumania and Israel, garnering great attention as being a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that creats dramatic results. It also informs us that Japanese surgeons will have another opportunity to hear lectures from Director Jung-Ho Woo at the JSAS Cosmetic Surgery Conference to be held on September 14, 2008.
Japanese Media Reports on Director Jung-Ho Woo's lecture on the J.J. Miracle Lift in Tokyo, Japan.
On July 3, 2008, an academic confernce of the AAF Anti-Aging Cosmetic Surgery was held in Tokyo. This conference Featured presentations by professors from Tokyo Medical University and professors from the medical colleges of Hong Kong, with invitations extended to Dr. Michael A. Pasquale of the U.S. and Director Jung-Ho Woo as special lecturers. Many Japanese doctors participated in this medical forum on aging prevention to exchange knowledge about cosmetic surgery, and exhibited great interest in Director Jung-Ho Woo's lecture on the J.J. Miracle Lift (Easy Lift) procedure.
Japanese Doctors Praise Director Jung-Ho Woo's Lifting Procedure in News Articles(January 9, 2009)
The Siromoto Clinic,
Director Furuya Tesuo

Though I began my medical career as a general surgeon engaging mostly with surgeries for lung cancer, I felt much regret at the fact that the conduct of surgery often had the adverse effect of shortening the life of patients and thus chose to transfer to the field of cosmetic surgery, which was free from concerns about life and death.
Back when I first started out in cosmetic surgery, the procedure most often requested were for double-eyelids, and later there was a rising trend for laser hair removal procedures.
In my case, I accrued various experience in cosmetic techniques at the Kanakawa Clinic and Koritzu Cosmetic Surgeons as well as at the Kinza Cosmetic Clinic and have hitherto had exposure to various medical procedures for cosmetic surgery.
Among these techniques, I developed a preference for suction Lipectomy, which ensures quick results and has a low risk of medical accidents. Dr. Jung-Ho Woo's Miracle Lift is to be preferred for similar reasons, in that it brings about positive and definite effects immediately after the procedure.
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